Running Wild: Sock it to me on wet runs


I think I am going to have to buy a spare pair of running shoes. Why? I am finding that with all the rain on the roads and in the air, I am cutting back on my runs and hikes. I keep thinking to myself that when I go out for a run in the rain, it will inevitably mean coming home with sopping socks to wash and dry, followed by a day of drying my running shoes out by the fire with newspapers stuffed in the

judith Belton

Judith Belton

toes. This is not to mention having to dry my wet running clothes. That’s not so bad really. At least I have a basketful of warm socks at home. At least I can afford a second pair of running shoes. There are so many who are not in my fortunate situation.

Last year, in nearly the same conditions I was circumnavigating the 22 kms. around Shawnigan Lake. It was part of a fund-raising run I was doing of the length of Vancouver Island. Since I am a pretty slow (but steady) runner, I began the run around the lake in deep darkness (and rain). I began in Shawnigan Village and headed west at the traffic light in the village. My running shoes at that time didn’t yet have holes in them (they did by the end of my Island marathon several months later!) but, they were old and not water-tight. My feet were wet, but warm when I returned in daylight to Shawnigan Village along East Shawnigan Lake Road. The heat of my body kept my wet feet warm-bathed. I was cheered in my sombre moments by the realization that when I drove home, there would be a fire in the woodstove, newspapers to stuff in my running shoes and clean, dry socks to change into. In one of my posts at that time, I mentioned an initiative by a Victoria group to supply socks to homeless people. This group (Avodah) works with the MacGregor Sock company to give out about 8000 pairs of socks a year. Running in wet socks can give you a good reminder of how fundamental clean, dry socks can be to your health if you are living without a roof over your head. Locally, there is an association, Clements Centre, which is also asking the public for donations of new socks.


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